September 2005



At last month's Peace By Piece Bee we finished a total of 25 quilts !!! 9 crib size quilts and 16 preemie quilts. Among the crib quilts one was made using HALLOWEEN theme fabrics and of the preemie quilts 4 were HALLOWEEN themed. Orange, Black, Green, and Purple with Jack-O-Lanterns, Witches and CATS. 

How FUN is that ?!



Since the last Peace by Piece Bee we've kept busy throughout the month. Our web page has a few new additions. We now have Peace By Piece information cards. And we helped out a few Katrina survivors. 



You may have noticed an additional button on the left of this page. "RECIPES". At last months Peace By Piece Bee volunteers enjoyed a yummy nutty treat. It was so yummy that a few volunteers asked for a copy of the recipe and thus the RECIPES page was born. You'll find that yummy peanut recipe on the new RECIPES page along with the recipe for this month's treat,  'Chocolate Chip Cookies'. I hope you will like the cookies as well as you liked the nutty treat. If you have a yummy recipe that you'd like to share please bring a sample for us to taste and a copy of the recipe. We'll get the recipe on the web page to share with everyone.


While you're checking out that new recipes button on this page you may also want to revisit the "FUN STUFF" button. For your reading pleasure we've added the "Quilters Survival Kit". It's a 'must have' list for all quilters.


The Nimble Thimbles, a local chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild, has added a link to the Peace By Piece Quilters web site on the "charity quilts" page of their web site. You can check it out by going to their web page at




What are information cards ??? They are cute little cards that are covered with information about Peace By Piece Quilters.  You'll be given your own little supply of these cute cards to pass out to your friends. You  know... all those friends that want to get in on the FUN time we have at our Peace By Piece Bees !






The whole world is aware of the devastation Hurricane Katrina caused in New Orleans recently. When some of the Katrina survivors found safety in the valley of the sun there was an urgent call for quilts put out to area quilters and Peace By Piece Quilters responded by donating enough fabric for 6 quilts. The quilts were made by members of the Cactus Patchers, a chapter of the Arizona Quilt Guild. Again Peace By Piece Quilters reached out to give a hug to those less fortunate.



The Peace By Piece Quilters basket of Christmas fabric will be at the bee again this month. With Christmas only being 3 months away we need to get busy making red and green quilts. Remember we don't have a bee in November or December so we really only have 2 bees left to make quilts for this holiday. It's time to get some festive red and green quilts ready for distribution. So put your Santa hat on and get that sewing machine treaded with red and green thread for the bee because we are going to be making some Christmas quilts!




Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Bee

Az Blankets 4 Kids will be holding their next bee on Saturday October 15, 2005 at the Chandler Police Department. If the Peace By Piece Quilters bee doesn't fill your need to do a good deed then please mark your calendar to attend their bee next month. Also mark you calendar to attend the Az Blankets 4 Kids Spring bee which is scheduled for February 11, 2006. For more information go to While you are visiting their website check out the Az Blankets 4 Kids latest newsletter that is now on line. Just click on the "What's New" button. You'll find Peace By Piece Quilters in the 'Upcoming Events' section.




 That's right, it's bee time again! I hope you are planning on joining us Thursday September 22 from 10a til 3p for a day of FUN and sewing and FUN and chocolate and FUN and door prizes! I'll be at the CraftMart store located at Alma School and Warner in Chandler with RED and GREEN fabric and all the other stuff for your quilting pleasure. 


See Ya At The Bee!