September 2006

  HOW MANY ???

  35  That's how many quilts the Peace By Piece Quilters made at last month's quilting bee There were piles and piles of quilts It was another GREAT bee

Because our goal was to make FUN Halloween quilts it was an Orange, Purple, and Lime Green kinda day. Volunteers made 13 preemie blankets, 4 of those were made using cute Halloween prints. That holiday spirit even had a few quilters turning their attention to other upcoming holidays and we also ended up with 4 Christmas Preemie blankets. There is after all, only 94 sewing days till Christmas Volunteers made 21 crib quilts and of course the Orange, Purple, and Lime Green fabric made it into some of those also. All those Halloween and Christmas quilts made for a really COOL sewing day.









There's more Halloween quilts to be made All that cute Halloween fabric got sewn into cute Halloweeney tops. But you know what... The kids don't like TOPS. They like QUILTS So now we have to take all those tops and make 'em into QUILTS I've got the idea that although the Peace By Piece volunteers REALLY like QUILTS, some of you think the word "QUILT" is a bad word. So I've come up with some Black and Lime Green crochet thread for your tying pleasure.    

   AND... In order for the AZB4K distribution department to be able to get the Halloween quilts out to the various agencies by Halloween they have asked us to have ALL Halloween quilts to them by October 1st. So the Peace By Piece Quilters September is bee is our last chance to get the Halloween quilts done in time for the Spooky holiday







We had a YUMMY treat provided for us at the last Peace By Piece bee Denise brought us a sampling of her marvelous APPLE STREUSEL COFFEE CAKE.  It was a BIG hit and she's offered to share her recipe with us so you can recreate this YUMMY treat for your family. 

   Look for it on the "Recipes" page. 


Barb also wants to share her OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE  CAESAR SALAD recipe with us. It's been added to the "Recipes" page as well. Make up a batch. It's the BEST Caesar Salad recipe around









If you live in Ahwatukee you may have read an article about the Peace By Piece Quilters in the September 1 issue of the Ahwatukee Foothills News. The article was listed in the Community section and made readers aware of our mission. As a result there is an Ahwatukee group interested in adopting us I'll share more with you at the bee.





You might also check out the Peace By Piece Quilters "GALLERY" page. By the time you read this newsletter I hope to have updated the Gallery page with a few pictures taken at a recent Peace By Piece Quilters bee.




Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Fall Bee is scheduled for October 14.  The Bee will be held at the Chandler Police Department from 9am - 3pm. They will even have a RAFFLE QUILT you could win For more information click on the AZB4K link on the 'Favorite Links" page of this web site.




The next Peace By Piece Quilters bee is Thursday September, 28. This month you'll find all the activity in the Multi-purpose room. We are scheduled to share the room with a group of singers ??? for the first hour or two. I guess they will be singing to the hum of our sewing machines... or we'll be sewing to the beat of their singing. This should be an interesting duo. Sounds like an event that will be talked about for months (or years) to come

Come when U can, leave when U must.

~Wanda Dix~