September 2007



It REALLY is September ALREADY! Let me see... Today is September 22... so that makes CHRISTMAS... in... 94 DAYS!!! And now you're asking... WHY is she counting down the days until the Holidays?  Remember in July... when we made all those wonderful Holiday kits (so we could think COOL during those triple digit temperatures)? Well, even though we have been sewing the Holiday kits at every bee since we made them, there are still 19 kits (not counting the preemie kits) that haven't even been opened. There are only 6 bees scheduled between now and the BIG Holiday season. That's 94 days and 19 kits. How are we gunna get all these quilts made in time?


The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids board members have been thinking of ways to help us get ALL these Holiday kits made into Blankets 4 Kids. They have donated a BIG roll of batting and yards and yards of Holiday flannel. So... we've got plenty of kits,  batting, and flannel to get the job done! We've got a couple of AWESOME bee places to sew and 6 more bees dates. All we need now is YOU. 

Let's get this job done!!!! 






 The Peace By Piece Quilters fabric fairy has given us another HUGE pile of Whimsical fabric for your quilt making FUN. We are so fortunate to have her helping us in our mission to provide area children with colorful quilts to brighten their lives. Check out her website listed on our "Favorite Links" page for her newest fabric lines and FUN patterns. It'll make ya smile.










The August Peace By Piece Quilters bee at the Cutting Edge Quiltworks was a HUGE success! We made 48 quilts! 48 quilts!! Can you believe it? 48 quilts! That's almost a new Peace By Piece Quilters  record. The record still stands at 53, set in October of 2005. But 48 quilts! We made 32 preemies and 16 child size. Several volunteers had done homework, so we started the day with a pile of finished quilts. Becca brought us a GREAT lunch courtesy of Quiznos Sub. AND she even gave us $2 off coupons so we could all enjoy those wonderful flavors again.




The September Peace By Piece Quilters bee held at Sally's Fabric was not very well attended. It was REALLY hot that day! Only 4 volunteers braved the heat to have FUN.  By September we've all had enough of the triple digit temperatures and the LAST thing anyone wants to do is drive around in a HOT car, even if they are going to have FUN. With all of our FUN we got 3 Child size quilts done. The BIG accomplishment of the day was all the quilts that we ALMOST got done. We got 4 quilts layered, tied and ready for binding. If I get my homework done those will be bound by our Cutting Edge bee. AND we got 7 pin basted and ready to be tied or quilted. That's a LOT of tyin' and pinnin'! My fingers were sore at the end of the day and I know a couple of others had sore fingers too!






The annual Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Quilt Camp held in Prescott last month was a HUGE success. Lots of blankets were made and much FUN was had by all who attended. Volunteers had so much FUN making Holiday Preemie blankets that the anticipated need for this Holiday Season is nearly meet with a total of 250  Holiday Preemie blankets completed. 

The Arizona Blankets 4 Kids Fall Bee is scheduled for October 20 at the Chandler Police Department. For all the latest bee information click the Arizona Blankets 4 Kids link found on the Favorite Links page of this website.  



The 3rd Annual Rim Country Quilt Roundup is October 6 & 7. They are looking for quilts 25 years or older to display. For more info contact John 928-474-4515. Or get the scoop from Ellie at the next Peace By Piece Quilters bee. 

The Breast Cancer site offers free mammograms through a Click to Give program.  Please click on the link below to help their effort. It doesn't cost you anything but a second of your time to click.

Last of all is a helpful tidbit for those of us that sometimes don't buy quite enough fabric to finish a project. I've added a link to our Favorite Links page that will help you find just what your looking for.  This site is dedicated to helping quilters world wide find the fabric, patterns, tools, books, etc that they so desperately need to finish a project, or just gotta have!


















The next Cutting Edge Quiltworks bee is scheduled for Thursday, September 27. I'll bring lots of layered quilts to tie/quilt and bind. As well as Holiday kits for you to sew. 

The Sally's Fabric bee will be held on Friday, October 5. By October we will be done with the triple digit temperatures and we'll really feel cool workin' on those Holiday quilts.

It's no FUN without you!

~Wanda Dix~