September, 2013




Often times I go in search of INFORMATION about a current topic, it usually has something to do with the history of our country and the way we celebrate things.  Which brings me to today's focus, Labor Day.  My parents weren't big on celebrating anything and I don't recall Labor Day ever being anything more than just another day.  It did mark the time of the year when you could no longer wear white shoes or white pants AND a new school year was starting.  I also don't recall the public education system teaching me anything about Labor Day.  I have learned over the years that it's in support of American workers, a "working man's holiday".  To sum up some of today's research... the first Labor Day parade was really a rally for the adoption of eight hour work days and other more suitable working conditions.  Imigrants and born Americans were working 12-16 hour days, six days a week and earned $1.50 a day.  
Early Americans really did pave the way for many things we take for granted today.








Because we did not have a bee in July we started the day with many more finished quilts and tops than we normally do cuz those Peace by Piece volunteers are always working on charity quilts even if we DON'T have a bee.  There was a whopping 82 quilts ready to go out into the community by the end of the day.  Many tops came in and were immediately paired with backing fabric and sent onto the batting station.  From there some got tied and bound while others went home with volunteers to be quilted as homework.  At the end of the day we still had over 23 tops completed.  We have 36 tops in the closet waiting to be quilted or tied and 8 ready for binding.  The bee raffle items raised $34 dollars.  We also started a special raffle that raised $29.  

This special raffle is the result of a generous donation received from the Philosophy company.  It's ten 16 oz. bottles of yummy smelling (and pretty colored) bath & shower gels (retails for $16 each).  Everyone raves about how awesome this product is.  Chances are $1 and a ticket will be drawn at each bee with the winner picking the yummy scent they want to go home with.  Chances do not convey from one bee to the next so make sure you get your chances every month!  Philosophy also donated some of their other products and those will bee available for raffle during future bees.



Super  Flea  Update

         During the August bee we shared and discussed several ideas of items we could make and sell during the fundraiser Super Flea at the church in February.  I've been working on a few of those ideas... acquired copyright permissions and making samples.  A couple of volunteers have shared some more really great ideas.  We'll be discussing this further at the bee. 

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The U.S workforce is made up of 155.2 million people.

~According to June 2012 survey

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16.3 million of those workers head to work between midnight and 5:59 a.m.

~According to 2010 census

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Although the commute for every worker is different, average commute time is a half hour.

~According to 2010 census





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The next AZB4K bee is scheduled for October 12.  They also have several bees already scheduled in 2014.  If you would like to attend any of their bees check the AZB4K website at for the latest bee info and location.  









Peace By Piece Quilters


Thursday, September 5, is the next Peace by Piece Quilters bee.  I hope you can join us for a day of heartwarming FUN.  As always we'll have sewing centers, tying stations and cutting and kit-kit stations set up.  There's something for everyone!  If you have any questions, suggestions or would like homework supplies please click the link below to send me an email and let me know.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is AWESOME!
(I'm wearing my WHITE shorts!)

  ~Wanda Dix~