Peace by Piece Quilters 


It has been our goal to provide volunteers with patterns that are easy to understand and construct.  If you find an error in any of the patterns provided through this website please CLICK HERE to send us an email letting us know the pattern title and the error. Helping us find errors will make the cutting and assembly process easier for the next person using the pattern. 

Feel free to use any of these patterns to make comfort quilts for charitable purposes.  All patterns  provided on this website are the property of the Peace by Piece Quilters.  Please do not distribute these patterns for any non-charitable purpose.  Pattern are not for resale. 

These are just some of the patterns we use to make our comfort quilts.  For more charity patterns visit



                                         ~Infant Size Patterns


                                        ~Toddler Size Patterns


                                        ~Child Size Patterns


                                       ~Teen Size Patterns